Selectivity and Phase Interactions: Optimize Intermolecular Interactions for Sensitivity and Resolution



Tuesday, July 19th, 2022 Register today to expand your knowledge of LC column selection and method development for diverse pharmaceutical methods, and to learn how to optimize intermolecular interactions for sensitivity and resolution.

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Event Overview:

With so much attention paid over the years to column efficiency, we can’t forget about the power of selectivity. In this webinar, we will cover the basics of selectivity and how to optimize intermolecular interactions between your analyte and the stationary phase to ensure maximum sensitivity and resolution in pharmaceutical methods. This information will help you choose the best columns for your applications and get the most out of your separations.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Navigate and Optimize HPLC Selectivity
  • Goals, parameters for adjustment, and relationships among parameters
    • Benefits of selectivity towards resolution and sensitivity
    • Stationary-phase composition
    • Intermolecular interactions with the stationary-phase
    • Effect of mobile-phase composition towards retentive interactions
    • Pertinence towards small-molecules and biomolecules will be expressed throughout
  • Additional topics for discussion
    • Apply selectivity towards peptides
    • Further considerations for oligonucleotides

Who Should Attend:

Scientists looking to improve their chromatography or learn more about optimizing column selectivity.

Zachary Woodward

Senior Technical Specialist


Zachary Woodward is a Technical Specialist with Phenomenex, Inc., assisting laboratories with method development in the biopharma, environmental, and food industries. Zachary spent his formative years developing HPLC and GC methods with AMRI in Albany, NY, after which he developed HPLC and SPE methods with Focus Diagnostics in Cypress, California.

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