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Ph. Eur. Monograph 2244: Tacrolimus Monohydrate Related Substances on Luna® 3 µm C18(2) and Luna Omega 3 µm C18

We show the separation of tacrolimus from its related substances following Ph. Eur. monograph 2244 using the Luna 3 µm C18(2) and Luna Omega µm.

Separation of Diazoxide and its Organic Impurities per USP Monograph

We report the separation of diazoxide and its related organic impurities using a Kinetex ™2.6 µm biphenyl column according to the USP monograph for diazoxide.

The Ultimate Guide to HPLC/UHPLC Reversed-Phase Selectivity

This step-by-step selectivity guide is an overview of the reversed-phase HPLC/UHPLC options available to you, highlighting the differences between the columns.

USP Paliperidone Assay and Organic Impurities on Luna® Omega 3 µm Polar C18

LC–UV assay and organic impurities for paliperidone drug substance based on USP monograph where a L1 (C18) column with 100 x 4.6 mm, 3 µm dimensions was used

LC–MS/MS Separation of Furosemide and its Metabolite Using the Kinetex ® 2.6 µm Biphenyl, Luna® Omega 1.6 µm C18, and Luna Omega 1.6 µm Polar C18 Columns

LC–MS/MS method to separate furosemide and its metabolite using three different columns: Kinetex 2.6 µm Biphenyl, Luna Omega 1.6 µm C18, and Luna Omega 1.6 µm Polar C18