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Simplifying Solid-Phase Extraction for Faster and Cleaner Results

Solid-phase extraction (SPE) is a powerful technique for LC­–MS analysis. SPE offers benefits for various solutes from a wide range of samples. Modern SPE systems can remove unwanted compounds and streamline methods.

Extraction of Acids, Neutrals, and Bases from Plasma

Strata-X PRO was chosen to extract a panel of acids, neutrals, and bases from plasma. This simple method eliminates time-consuming method development and recovery for extremely polar analytes.

Barbiturates from Serum Using Strata-X PRO Solid-Phase Extraction

Using Strata-X PRO to extract barbiturates from serum saves time by reducing the method to 3 quick and easy steps. In addition, the matrix is more effectively clean-up vs protein precipitation.

Strata-X PRO Solid-Phase Extraction Product Guide

Strata-X PRO consists of a new type of polymeric SPE sorbent combined with matrix removal technology to revolutionize sample extractions and matrix clean-up by eliminates the conditioning and equilibration steps.