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LCGC SupplementsSpecial Issues-12-01-2013
Volume 31
Issue 12

Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) is a leading Japanese chemical company that is divided into five business sectors: petrochemicals, aluminum, electronics, chemicals, and inorganic materials.

Company Description

Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) is a leading Japanese chemical company that is divided into five business sectors: petrochemicals, aluminum, electronics, chemicals, and inorganic materials. Since 1973, SDK has been producing Shodex brand HPLC columns in Japan. Showa Denko America has distributed Shodex columns in North and South America as one of SDK's many subsidiaries and affiliates located around the world.

Our strength in polymer synthesis has led to the production of many unique and durable polymer-based columns. From large molecular weight polymer and protein separation to single molecule saccharide and anion analysis, we provide resolution to your chromatographic needs.

Chief Chromatographic Techniques Supported

We assist customers with HPLC column selection, method development, and troubleshooting, as well as providing educational seminars at customers' sites.

Markets Served

Biomass/biofuel development laboratories; food and environmental analysis; petrochemical industry; pharmaceutical and medical research organizations; university research laboratories; and government agencies.

Major Products/Services

Shodex carries over 1000 different HPLC columns for size exclusion, reversed phase, normal phase, ion exchange, ion chromatography, high temperature, HILIC, and multi-mode. We are best known for our durable polymer based packing materials with a large range of pH stability. Our columns are available in a variety of dimensions including: micro, semi-micro, analytical, and preparative.

ODP Series—Our polymer based columns for reversed phase chromatography, the ODP series, offer large pore sizes for the analysis of amino acids, peptides, and proteins. The packing material is durable and usable with 100% water or buffer solution in a wide pH range from acidic to alkaline (pH 2–13).

NH2P Series—Suitable for saccharide analysis by hydrophilic interaction chromatography (HILIC), our polymer based NH2P series provides excellent chemical stability and minimum deterioration over an extended time. This series is also applicable with analysis with evaporative light scattering detection and charged aerosol detection.

KW Series—Our silica-based columns for aqueous SEC (GFC) analysis are suitable for the separation of proteins and enzymes. Offered in standard analytical dimensions, preparative scale and high performance semi-micro columns, the KW-series provides a large pore size and exclusion limits up to MW>20,000,000.


Showa Denko America, Inc. provides technical and sales support for Shodex™ HPLC columns for customers and distributors in North and South America. Our distribution center in New York allows for fast delivery throughout our American territories.

Shodex™ brand columns are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in Kawasaki, Japan for sale throughout the world. Our technical support team in Japan develops application data for our columns in conjunction with high sensitivity instrumentation including multi-angle light scattering (MALS) detectors and mass spectrometry.

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