Streamline Sample Preparation with the Samplicity® Filtration System

The Samplicity® system provides a higher-throughput, ergonomic alternative to syringe filters for preparing liquid chromatography samples. The vacuum-driven system simultaneously filters up to 8 samples in seconds, including hard-to-filter samples.

The Samplicity® Filtration System from Merck Millipore provides a higher-throughput, ergonomic alternative to syringe filters when preparing samples for UHPLC and HPLC analysis. The vacuum-driven Samplicity® system enables simultaneous filtration of up to 8 samples in seconds. Especially for samples which are hard to filter (samples containing particulate materials as well as samples that are viscous), syringe filtration is not easy and the particle load can easily clog the syringe filter. In contrast, the Samplicity® filtration system filters even highly viscous samples in seconds, with minimal manual force. In addition, the system has a low hold-up volume, which enables high recovery of samples as small as 300 µL. The system is available with Millex Samplicity® filters made with Merck Millipore’s hydrophilic polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membranes and also with the new Millex Samplicity® PVDF filters, both of which retain >95% of particulate impurities. These filters have a unique funnel shape for easy pipette loading and are provided in strips of four for faster setup. The filter strips are perforated for use with fewer than four samples.


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