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Advances in Multiwavelength Absorbance Detection

We spoke with Ibraam Mikhail, a postdoctoral research fellow (analytical chemistry) at the Australian Centre for Research on Separation Science (ACROSS), University of Tasmania, Australia, about his work developing a multiwavelength absorbance detector that uses pulsed-deep ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (DUV-LEDs), and how this detector performs compared to other standard detectors.

Rising Stars of Separation Science: Selina Tisler

This month we interview Selina Tisler from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, about her work using supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) to detect very polar compounds and compounds of unknown toxicity in wastewater effluents, and her recent investigation into the migration of compounds from reusable plastic bottles into drinking water using a nontargeted screening approach.

Rising Stars of Separation Science: Leo Wang Hantao

This month we interview Leo Wang Hantao from the University of Campinas in São Paulo, Brazil, about his work investigating the influence of ion management parameters on the data produced by comprehensive gas chromatography–high-resolution mass spectrometry (GC×GC–HRMS) equipped with a fourier transform-orbital ion trap mass analyzer, and his investigation into employing channel occlusion for sample prep in untargeted analysis in petroleomics.

Rising Stars of Separation Science: Juan L. Benedé

This month we interview Juan L. Benedé from the University of Valencia in Spain, about his work developing microextraction approaches, based on the use of sorbent materials, for application to complex matrices, and his focus on the determination of disease biomarkers in biofluids.