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Rising Stars of Separation Science: Simona Felletti

This month we interview Simona Felletti, a postdoctoral researcher in analytical chemistry in the Department of Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Ferrara, Italy, about her work in the mass transfer phenomena and thermodynamic properties of packed columns under both LC and SFC conditions, and the hazardous potential that uncharacterized minor cannabinoids pose.

Rising Stars of Separation Science: Natalia Manousi

This month we interview Natalia Manousi, from the Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Thessaloniki, Greece, about her work in the development and application of novel sample preparation techniques.

Rising Stars of Separation Science: Sara Carillo

This month we interview Sara Carillo, Bioanalytical Research Lead at NIBRT, about her work developing new analytical approaches in biopharma, what attracted her to this research, and the benefits of a multi-attribute method (MAM) workflow in her work.

Rising Stars of Separation Science: Alexandre Goyon

This month we interview Alexandre Goyon, Senior Scientist in the Small Molecule Pharmaceutical Sciences Organization of Genentech, about his work focused on the online digestion and analysis of RNA molecules using immobilized RNase cartridges attached to a mDLC–MS system, and why the accurate sequencing of sgRNA is important.