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Special Issues

LCGC Supplements, Special Issues-12-01-2016, Volume 34, Issue 12

Company Description

Syft Technologies designs and manufactures revolutionary direct mass spectrometry instrumentation (SIFT-MS) that detects virtually all gaseous chemicals at ultra-trace concentrations within seconds.

Customers include multinationals such as Samsung, LG, SC Johnson, and The Kraft Heinz Company, in addition to government agencies and others in industries as diverse as environmental monitoring, food manufacturing, and biomedical research.

Our instruments deliver a combination of unique attributes: high selectivity, very low limits of detection, high speed, ease of use, and very low total cost of ownership. Analysis of chromatographic challenging species is a specialty, including reduced sulfur compounds, amines, aldehydes, and siloxanes.

Chief Separation Techniques Supported

Comprehensive customer solutions utilizing Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS).


Syft Technologies is headquartered in Christchurch, New Zealand, with complete R&D, production, and customer support all located conveniently on one site. We have global representation through our own sales offices and distribution partnerships. In the United States, Syft Technologies is represented exclusively by Quantum Analytics (

Markets Served


  • Ambient and fenceline monitoring

  • CEMS

  • Stack monitoring

  • Landfill and biogas testing

  • Automotive industry

  • Vehicle interior air quality (VIAQ)

  • Semiconductor industry

  • Occupational safety

  • Petrochemical industry

  • Oil and gas exploration

  • Breath and biomedical research

  • Food, flavor, and fragrance

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Academic, national, and public research laboratories

Major Products/Services

Syft Technologies is the global leader in direct mass spectrometry solutions for industry and research. Our flagship product is the start-of-the-art Voice200ultra SIFT-MS instrument, which delivers part-per-trillion (by volume) detection limits in air within seconds. Because we serve diverse markets and users of disparate technical ability, we supply a wide range of sample introduction options and software tools. Options include:

  • Autosamplers

  • Multiport inlets

  • Swab desorbers

  • Simple analysis reporting tools

  • LabSyft laboratory software

SIFT-MS-based solutions for specific markets include:

  • ContainerSure - delivering laboratory quality OSH analysis in warehouses and mobile laboratories

  • Mudlogger - providing unparalleled mud gas analysis to well-logging companies.

Syft Technologies

3 Craft Place


Christchurch 8024

New Zealand