UCT, Inc.

UCT, Inc.

Special Issues

LCGC Supplements, Special Issues-12-01-2017, Volume 35, Issue 12
Pages: 47

Company Description

UCT is always at the forefront of sample preparation technology and a leader in chromatography consumables. The company's wide range of highly reproducible silica and polymeric SPE sorbents provide scientists a consistent extraction technique. UCT is in a unique position within the sample prep and chromatographic sorbent industry; we are one of the few manufacturers of chromatographic silane materials. This expertise provides us with greater control and extensive knowledge of the chemical processes involved in producing high quality bonded phases. UCT's commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction is accomplished by delivering on our promises: top quality, reproducible chromatographic and sample prep products, and unmatched technical support. The company's sample prep product lines include SPE cartridges and well plates, flash chromatography columns, bulk sorbents, QuEChERS tubes, derivatizing reagents, hydrolyzing enzymes, premeasured buffer salts, and extraction manifolds; chromatography products include HPLC columns and GC liners. All products are designed to meet laboratory's sample prep and chromatography needs.

Chief Chromatographic Techniques Supported

  • Solid-phase extraction

  • QuEChERS

  • Flash Chromatography

  • HPLC

Markets Served

  • Clinical

  • Environmental

  • Food safety

  • Forensic

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Veterinary

Major Products/Services

  • CLEAN SCREEN® SPE columns

  • CLEAN SCREEN FASt® columns


  • CLEAN UP® SPE columns

  • STYRE SCREEN® SPE columns

  • XtrackT® SPE columns

  • ENVIRO-CLEAN® SPE cartridges

  • ENVIRO-CLEAN® universal cartridges

  • Chlorofiltr® Sorbents

  • QuEChERS

  • Quick QuEChERS

  • SpinFiltr™

  • Ultra Flash®

  • SELECTRA® HPLC columns

  • SELECTRASORB bulk sorbents

  • SELECTRA-SIL® derivatizing reagents

  • SELECTRAZYME® β-glucuronidase

  • ABALONASE™ β-glucuronidase

  • SELECT pH buffer pouches

  • GC liners

  • Positive pressure manifolds

  • Vacuum manifolds


UCT is headquartered in Bristol, Pennsylvania, with a research facility in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Manufacturing and distribution sites are in Lewistown, Pennsylvania and Wexford, Ireland. UCT is represented worldwide by over 47 partners and distributors.

UCT, Inc.
2731 Bartram Road
Bristol, PA 19007

(215) 781-9255

(215) 785-1226


WEB SITEwww.unitedchem.com