UHPLC–MS–MS Analysis of Lactotripeptides in Food and Dietary Supplements


Discover the advantages of using UHPLC–MS–MS for lactotripeptide analysis

Lactotripeptides have been described as functional ingredients capable of reducing blood pressure in people with elevated blood pressure. DSM recently developed a new lactotripeptide-containing ingredient, tensVida, with proven blood pressure lowering activity. When applying this ingredient in supplements or food products, it is of critical importance to be able to correctly dose the amount of active ingredient (IPP) to ensure the health benefit. Also, the processing conditions of the final application, as well as storage conditions, may affect the level of IPP and should be well controlled. In the past, the use of LC–MS–MS has been described to analyse lactotripeptides.

This article shows that UHPLC–MS–MS is a good alternative to LC–MS–MS for the analysis of Ile–Pro–Pro. Comparison of separation power and total analysis time shows that using UHPLC–MS–MS, Rs increases from 1.95 to 2.35 for the separation of Ile–Pro–Pro and Leu–Pro–Pro compared with LC–MS–MS. Moreover, using UHPLC–MS–MS reduces the analysis time by a factor of four.

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