Viscotek TDA for GPC/SEC

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The Viscotek TDAmax sets the standard in advanced GPC/SEC systems. It is a complete solution, suitable for all macromolecular applications, incorporating high sensitivity refractive index, viscometer, and light scattering detectors.

The Viscotek Triple Detector Array (TDA) employs highly sensitive refractive index, viscometer, and light scattering detectors, and maximises the productivity of GPC/SEC analysis by simultaneously measuring absolute molecular weight, molecular size and intrinsic viscosity.

Inside the TDA is a powerful 7° Low Angle Light Scattering detector (LALS) for the measurement of the absolute molecular weight of even the largest macromolecules, and a 90° Right Angle detector (RALS) for the highest sensitivity measurements of small molecules such as proteins.

Digital inert transducer technology in the viscometer gives a faster, more sensitive response to viscosity changes than traditional transducers. Its 316 stainless steel construction means that there are few limitations, in terms of salt content or pH, on the chromatographic conditions that can be used. Inert capillaries in the measuring flow path are also advantageous for many biomolecule applications.

Suitable for all macromolecular applications, the TDA is available from Malvern Instruments as part of the Viscotek TDAmax system. Alternatively, each element of the TDAmax can be purchased individually offering exceptional flexibility to those with existing GPC/SEC systems. To extend the detection capabilities, the addition of a UV-PDA detector is especially useful for the analysis of the composition of copolymers and/or conjugated proteins.



Malvern Instruments, Malvern, UK