World-Class Biopharmaceutical Training for Academia and Industry

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Advanced biopharmaceutical training in the most cutting-edge analytical methods and techniques: NIBRT's state-of-the-art facility in Dublin, Ireland provides comprehensive, innovative training solutions for academia and industry.

The driving motivation behind Ireland's National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT) is to help the development of the biopharmaceutical, by developing comprehensive research and training programs for both academic students and industry professionals. By ensuring the creation and sustainability of the biopharmaceutical workforce with superior skills and competencies, the promise of more effective biotherapeutic innovations addressing the world's most challenging diseases is becoming a reality.

NIBRT provides a “one stop shop” for thousands of trainees worldwide, and offers a dynamic catalogue of course content from which unique training solutions are built for clients. NIBRT delivers holistic training programs in a realistic GMP-simulated, fully operational manufacturing environment and cutting-edge analytical laboratory suite. All training programmes can be customized to meet a client’s particular requirements.

NIBRT Key Features:

Purpose-built, multifunctional facility replicating the most modern industrial bioprocessing environment· Pilot plant consisting of extensive upstream, downstream and fill-finish facilities

A complete bioanalytical laboratory for hands-on scientific training of 'fit-for-purpose' biopharmaceutical analysis, including protein and peptide characterization

Also offer extensive course content on existing and upcoming U.S. and European drug regulations.


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