Worldwide Ion Chromatography Demand

E-Separation Solutions

E-Separation Solutions-08-01-2007, Volume 0, Issue 0

Ion chromatography (IC) is well suited for the analysis of a variety of inorganic and organic anions and cations.

Ion chromatography (IC) is well suited for the analysis of a variety of inorganic and organic anions and cations. There is an additional dimension to an experiment using the technique as a result of the need to deal with changes in the ionic strength of the solution as the analyte materials are exchanged.

Although independent testing laboratories, which include environmental testing, account for the majority of the market demand, almost all industries have a use for ion chromatography. In addition, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries have increased their demand over the past several years due to improved application support by the IC vendors.

Worldwide IC demand by region for 2006

IC has a stable installed base that supports a growing aftermarket. This is especially true with innovative products that have hit the market to improve ion chromatography performance and overall lab productivity.

The chemistries have not changed much over the years. However, improvements in instrument design and performance have increased the life of IC market. The availability of instruments from low-end, application-specific models to value-added instruments, and even, high performance IC–MS systems, allows IC vendors to offer unique solutions for any individual laboratory. In addition, enhanced software capabilities coupled with intelligent IC systems have stretched the boundaries of functionality and ease-of-use to an already computer-savvy group of end-users.

The United States and Europe accounted for over two-thirds of the total IC market in 2006. New EPA methods/regulations, improving economic conditions in the US and strong growth in Europe are expected to fuel new instrument purchases. In addition, various environmental concerns in China and Latin America are also expected to translate in higher IC revenues.

The foregoing data was extracted and adapted from SDi’s Global Assessment Report, 9th Edition. For more information, contact Glenn Cudiamat, VP of Research Services, Strategic Directions International, Inc., 6242 Westchester Parkway, Suite 100, Los Angeles, CA 90045, (310) 641-4982, fax: (310) 641-8851, e-mail: