ZORBAX Rapid Resolution High Definition


Agilent Product Profile

Agilent is expanding its family of Rapid Resolution High Definition (RRHD) columns with four new phases, including two new C18 stationary phases. Now, there are four C18 phases to work with, so you have more selectivity flexibility in your method development. Furthermore, ZORBAX RRHD Columns help you take your UHPLC analysis further, by providing stability to 1200 bar.

The ZORBAX Eclipse Plus C18 phase features a double endcapped process and unique bonding that delivers exceptional peak shapes across a broad range of analytes. This makes it an exceptional column for method development. Many users of UHPLC are working with analyses that require the highest level of sensitivity and resolution. Alternate C18 phases, such as Extend C18 and Eclipse XDB C18 are desirable because of the additional selectivity refinements they allow.

See the difference ZORBAX RRHD columns can make in your UHPLC Analysis. Go to www.agilent.com/chem/C18choices to download an application note that provides more details about the difference in selectivities.

Jason Link, Product Manager, Jason_Link@agilent.com

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