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Defining a New Dimension in UHPLC Separations for Increased Sensitivity using Less Solvent

Introducing a new dimension in separations! The new HALO® 1.5 mm ID UHPLC columns from Advanced Materials Technology push the performance of UHPLC systems by delivering more sensitivity and 50% less solvent consumption than contemporary 2.1 mm ID columns. Additional benefits of moving to the new, robust 1.5 mm ID columns will be discussed including the ease of implementation commercial UHPLC instrumentation.

Rapid and High Resolution Fused-Core® Solutions for PFAS Analysis

Fused-Core® Technology benefits PFAS analysis for fast, efficient, and rugged separations which are paramount to environmental analysis.

PFAS Analysis Using Fused-Core® Technology

HALO® PFAS and PFAS Delay columns are application verified columns well suited for challenging environmental sample analysis.

PFAS Analysis of EPA 8327 v2

High resolution separation of 24 PFAS compounds using the HALO® PFAS Delay column coupled with the HALO® PFAS analytical column.

Rapid Analysis of 33 PFAS Compounds v2

High throughput analysis of 33 PFAS compounds found across EPA methods 533, 537.1, and 8327 in under 5 minutes.

HALO® PFAS Column Solutions v2

HALO® PFAS delay and HALO® PFAS analytical columns deliver rugged, reproducible performance for the most challenging environmental sample matrices.