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HALO® PCS C18 Rapid Peptide Separation

A separation of peptides is performed on a HALO 160 Å PCS C18 column showing excellent peak shape under formic acid conditions.

Separating Antidepressants Using HALO® PCS C18

A separation of antidepressants is compared between a fully porous C18 and the HALO® PCS C18 column.

HALO® PCS C18 vs. C18 Peptide

A synthetic peptide panel is screened on the HALO® Peptide PCS C18 and compared to a standard peptide C18 stationary phase.


Built upon Fused-Core® technology, the HALO® PCS C18 maintains peak symmetry at high loading capacities and provides alternate selectivity for C18 bonded phases.

What to Expect: HALO® PCS C18

The new HALO® PCS C18 phase offers an alternative to chromatographic separations.

Comparison of SPP Charged Surface Columns

In a head-to-head SPP comparison of two positively charged C18 surface chemistries, the HALO 90 Å PCS C18 obtains improved resolution, efficiency, and tailing factors.