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Method Conversion Guidebook

The method conversion guidebook is an introduction to HALO® Fused-Core® technology, its benefits and how to take advantage of SPP for method conversion. This book will help you to facilitate converting conventional reversed-phase FPP separations to ultra-fast separations.

HALO® PCS C18 Brochure

Built upon proven Fused-Core® technology for speed and efficiency, the HALO® PCS C18 is a positively charged surface chemistry designed to deliver improved peak shapes for basic compounds.

Time and Solvent Savings by Modernizing USP Methods with HALO®Columns Following the New <621> Guidelines

Following new USP guidelines for gradient method modernization enables both FPP and SPP methods to be improved for speed and solvent savings using HALO® Fused-Core® column technology while avoiding revalidation.

Modernization of 5µm Chinese Pharmacopeia (CP) HPLC Methods for High Throughput Laboratories

HPLC chromatographic methods can be greatly improved and modernized by simply reducing the column’s length and particle size. This not only saves time, but increases consumption and waste generation. By using modern HALO®Fused-Core® column technology, methods can be shortened thereby increasing laboratory efficiency while keeping back pressures under instrument pressure limitations.

Dedicated Dialogue: Improving Chromatography of Basic Compounds

HPLC and LC-MS separation materials and methodologies have evolved over the years to meet the challenges of the growing complexity of the separations themselves. In this Q&A, Stephanie Rosenberg, Director of Sales and Marketing discusses how utilizing the new HALO® positively charged surface columns impact the perforance of LC and LCMS separations for basic compounds.

Bioanalysis Solutions Guidebook

This guide will discuss improved reversed phase biomolecule separation solutions for monoclonal antibodies, as well as chromatography columns used to develop an understanding of the protein backbone via peptide mapping. Glycosylation analysis using HILIC will also be discussed. Examples will highlight areas in the workflow where HALO® Fused-Core® columns with appropriate pore sizes and phases offer unique advantages.