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Ex Vivo Stabilization of Small Molecule Compounds and Peptides in EDTA Plasma for LC–MS-MS Analysis Using Frozen Aliquotting

The ex vivo lability of some drug compounds and molecules in bio-analytical assays can add complexity and uncertainty to results and can pose significant challenges in drug development efforts. This can be especially true for compounds that are subjected to long-term cryogenic storage and that may need to be tested multiple times (for example, samples collected for clinical trials). Frozen aliquotting technology may offer a simple solution for stabilizing target compounds in frozen biological specimens, helping to streamline bio-analytical assay development and execution. The CXT 750 Frozen Sample Aliquotter, an automated instrument capable of generating quantitative aliquots of frozen plasma without thawing the sample, was evaluated at GlakoSmithKline for integration into biaonalytical workflows and the stabilization of labile compounds in EDTA plasma.