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Molar Mass Determination of Collagen Peptides

Hydrolyzed collagens (collagen peptides) are water-soluble products obtained by hydrolysis of natural proteins and used for dietary supplements. A simple GPC/SEC method is described for molar mass determination of collagen peptides, allowing reliable molar mass determination using ultraviolet (UV) detection.

Tips & Tricks GPC/SEC: System Peaks or Ghost Peaks in GPC/SEC

Extraneous peaks, unrelated to the solute to be characterized, are quite common in gel permeation chromatography/size-exclusion chromatography (GPC/SEC), especially when refractive index (RI) detection is used. This instalment of Tips & Tricks explains why system or ghost peaks appear and how to minimize their appearance.

Tips & Tricks GPC/SEC: Finding the Right Standards

Polystyrenes (PS) are the most commonly used reference standards in gel permeation chromatography/size-exclusion chromatography (GPC/SEC) for nearly all organic GPC/SEC separations including high temperature GPC and pullulan or dextran for aqueous GPC/SEC. The majority of users rely on these standards for reproducible results. However, there is potential for improvements and this instalment of Tips & Tricks will discuss some general points that should be considered when determining calibration standards.

Reach Polymer Status Analysis of Polyols

Polyols are alcohols with multiple hydroxyl groups. They are used for very different applications, such as, for example, in Feed and Food as sugar substitutes or in polymer chemistry as reactants to produce high quality products.