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Effects of Sample-dissolving Solvent and Sample Ionic Strength in Routine CE Operation

Sample diluent ionic strength, pH, organic solvent composition and viscosity can all have a significant impact on the performance of CE separation. It is, therefore, essential that the choice of solvent is optimized during method development. The optimized diluent should be fully specified in the method and used consistently in method validation and all subsequent applications of the method.

Buffer Preparation — Hints, Tips and Common Errors

Accurate preparation and correct selection of buffers is essential to obtain reproducible and consistent results in capillary electrophoresis (CE). A number of factors should be considered in buffer optimization, including the pKa of the buffering ion and the analyte as well as the molarity of the acid or base used in the adjusting procedure. Accurate recording of the precise reagents used and the procedures performed is necessary to prepare buffers consistently. "Poor reproducibility of results and poor quantitative precision will be attainable in CE assays without significant attention being paid to the preparation of buffers used."