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Chiral HPLC Separation of Enatiomers of Racemic Drugs Used in the Pharmaceutical Industry

A large percentage of commercial and investigational pharmaceutical compounds are enantiomers and many of them show significant enantioselective differences in their pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. The importance of chirality of drugs has been increasingly recognized, and the consequences of using them as racemates or as enantiomers have been frequently discussed in the pharmaceutical literature during recent years. With increasing evidence of problems related to stereoselectivity in drug action, enantioselective analysis by chromatographic methods has become the focus of intensive research of separation scientists. Most of the pharmaceutical and pharmacological studies of stereoselectivity of chiral drugs before the mid eighties involved pre-column derivatization of the enantiomers with chiral reagents forming diastereomers.

The Pharma QC Column: OROSIL C18

The QC for the pharmaceutical industry is based on methods developed on a variety of columns. At Orochem, we have attempted to address method development utilizing unique chemistries such as the OROSIL C18 to analyze a wide range of acidic, basic, and neutral compounds. Data is presented on a few representative compounds and unique separation criteria with their associated chromatograms.