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Leading Light: Pavel Jandera

Pavel Jandera spoke to Frantisek Foret about building his own liquid chromatograph, the birth of “modern” high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), the importance of exploring (and understanding) earlier research papers, current trends in contemporary chromatography, and his inspiring advice for aspiring chromatographers.

Column Selection for Two-Dimensional LCxLC

This article describes the factors that affect the selection of columns for two-dimensional (2D) LCÃ-LC separations. The maximum increase in peak capacity compared with single-dimension (1D) separations is obtained by using "orthogonal" systems employing various combinations of separation mechanisms to provide as different separation selectivities as possible for the sample compounds in the first and in the second dimension systems. To obtain best results, matching the chemistry of the stationary phase, column dimensions and mobile phases in the first and in the second dimensions is essential for successful separations, especiall for comprehensive LCÃ-LC.