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Analysis of Common Preservatives in Personal Care Products by HPLC with UV Detection v2

In this application note, an HPLC with MWD detection method is detailed to detect parabens in cosmetic and personal care products.

Fast Screening 44 Illicit Drugs by UHPLC–MS/MS v3

This application note will describe a rapid LC–MS/MS method for the separation and detection of 44 drug of abuse compounds in urine samples.

Rapid LC–MS/MS Method for Analysis of Vitamin E Acetate in Cannabis Vape Samples

Method for complete, accurate quantification of vitamin E acetate by LC–MS/MS in less than three min, utilizing a PerkinElmer QSight® 420 triple quadrupole system

Determination of Mycotoxins in Cereals by LC–MS/MS with Online SPE

Effective, robust online SPE sample loading and chromatographic separation/quantitation of mycotoxins, using QSight SP50 online SPE system with a QSight 210 MS/MS detector.

Analysis of Saccharides in High Fructose Corn Syrup by HPLC with Refractive Index Detection

This application note demonstrates the suitability of the PerkinElmer LC 300 HPLC system for performing saccharide content determination via method CRA SACCH.03.

A Fast, Simple, and Green Chemistry Method for the Analysis of Additives in Diet Soft Drinks by HPLC v1

This application note demonstrates a simple, fast, and robust green chemistry method for the accurate quantitation of six additives in diet soft drinks.