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Analysis of dioxins by GC-TQMS

Dioxins refer to polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and related compounds polychlorinated dibenzofurans. These two groups of compounds are among the most toxic chemicals.

Multiplexed pesticide analysis by GC-TQMS

GC-TQMS of pesticides is a routine application. The SCION 8900 TQMS with the 8500 GC can perform rapid multiplex screening of pesticides without losing sensitivity.

ASTM D7900 Determination of Light Hydrocarbons in Crude Oil

Crude oils consist of hundreds of hydrocarbon compounds in which the boiling point distribution of these crude oils is an important parameter in the petroleum industry.

Trace impurities in Benzene by GC

The UOP555 describes the determination of individual and total trace hydrocarbon impurities in olefin-free, high-purity benzene. SCION Instruments offers solution by gas chromatography (GC)

Cannabis Potency Analysis by HPLC

This application note demonstrates the performance of the SCION LC6000 HPLC for the analysis of cannabis potency.