Vaughan S. Langford | Authors


Rapid Classification of Beef Aroma Quality Using SIFT-MS

Application of multivariate statistical analysis to a combined data set demonstrated that SIFT-MS discriminates premium quality beef from eight sensory defects, and, therefore, could be applied as an instrumental grading tool, obviating sensory panel grading.

High-Throughput Analysis of Volatile Compounds in Air, Water, and Soil Using SIFT-MS

For the BTEX compounds, detection limits in the single-digit parts-per-billion concentration range (by volume) are readily achievable within seconds using selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS), because sample analysis is achieved without chromatography, preconcentration, or drying.

Real-Time, Broad-Spectrum Odor Analysis Using SIFT-MS

The sensitive, selective, and real-time analysis characteristic of the SIFT-MS technique provides simple, robust, and continuous analysis of extremely diverse odor compounds at trace levels in air. This application note illustrates instantaneous, broad spectrum odor analysis with monitoring data from a chicken meat production facility.