The Application Notebook-07-01-2019

Potency testing in marijuana-infused edibles is a problematic task due to the complexity of the matrices. The concentration of active ingredients in edibles can range from a few ppm to 3.5% (1). In this application, active cannabinoid compounds were extracted from gummy bears (and also brownies, results not shown), followed by HPLC analysis.

The Application Notebook

Abuse of synthetic opioid prescription painkillers such as fentanyl, along with a rapidly growing list of illicit analogues, is a significant public health problem. In this study, we developed a simple dilute-and‑shoot method that provides a fast 3.5-min analysis of fentanyl and related compounds in human urine by LC–MS/MS using a Raptor Biphenyl column.

The Application Notebook

etermination of oligomeric states is an important issue in protein chemistry. For example, self-assembly via oligomerization domains is crucial for the regulation of several protein kinases. Determination of the oligomeric state of fragments of these kinases is a means of verifying the involvement of each domain in self-assembly.

Hallucinogenic mushrooms, known as magic mushrooms, contain psychoactive compounds such as psilocin and psilocybin (Figure 1). This hallucinogenic effect means they are constantly offered on the black market. Therefore, the reliable quantification of these compounds is a particularly important task for forensic analysis because their results have a significant impact on the judgement passed by the courts.