Accurately Analyze Metal-Sensitive Compounds with Restek’s New Inert LC Columns

Press Release

Restek’s new inert LC column technology helps labs improve their analysis of metal-sensitive compounds. A premium inert coating applied to the stainless-steel surface of Restek’s LC columns reduces nonspecific binding of chelating analytes, enabling sensitive analysis and smooth integration of peaks. Combined with Restek’s selective stationary phases, these new inert LC columns are ideal for the analysis of metal-sensitive compounds, such as mycotoxins and organophosphorus pesticides.

Restek's inert LC columns can provide four key benefits:

  • Improved peak shape without passivation or mobile phase additives.
  • Increased response and analyte recovery, allowing lower detection limits.
  • High accuracy and throughput with less variability.
  • Less time-consuming conditioning and complicated passivation required.

Restek’s inert LC column technology is available on three column types: Raptor Biphenyl, Raptor ARC-18, and Force Biphenyl. These new columns help bring the benefits of inert technology to labs specializing in small molecule LC-MS/MS workflows.

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