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Analysis of Furan and Alkylfurans in Food Commodities by SPME Arrow GC–MS (Dec 2022)

In this study, SPME Arrow sample preparation was tested for the analysis of furan and alkylfurans in baby formula and coffee samples.

Fast and Rugged Direct Analysis of Polar Pesticides in Spinach

This fast, simple LC-MS/MS workflow for the direct analysis of polar pesticides in spinach provides good retention and peak shape over hundreds of matrix injections.

Speed Up Multiresidue Pesticides Analysis in Food with Low-Pressure GC–MS

This LPGC–MS pesticides analysis utilizes a low-pressure GC column kit, comprised of a narrow restrictor column, factory coupled to a wider Rtx-5ms analytical column.  

Fast LC–MS/MS Analysis of Amino Acids in Plasma

A fast, direct method for LC–MS/MS analysis of amino acids in plasma was developed during the course of this study.