Analytical Sales & Services, Inc.


Special Issues

LCGC SupplementsSpecial Issues-12-01-2012
Volume 30
Issue 12

Analytical Sales & Services, Inc.

Company Description

Analytical Sales & Services has spent 25 years offering innovative chromatography products and services to the scientific community. We have built our reputation as a caring, value-added, technical support company. As a leading supplier of chromatography products, our focus is based on each customer's unique needs. Our employees understand the importance of listening, be it discussing new potential products or finding new ways to improve application methods.

Analytical Sales and Products, an Analytical Sales & Services company, develops and manufactures new and custom instruments, parts and devices. Our success is based on providing chromatographers with high quality products and service that make their daily analysis more accurate, reliable, and valuable.

Celebrating 25 Years!

Analytical Sales & Services first opened its doors for business on March 1, 1988 — and we've been growing ever since. In 2011 we moved out of our 5600 sq. ft. space and into a 14,000 sq. ft. building just up the street (please check our new address).

Chief Chromatographic Techniques Supported

  • HPLC

  • LC/LC–MS

  • Flash chromatography

  • High-throughput assays

  • Chromatography supplies

Markets Served

Our major focus continues to be the HPLC and chromatography-related markets of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, with a primary focus on R&D.

Major Products/Services

  • Hot Sleeve™ column heater

  • Cold Sleeve™ column cooler/heater

  • AgileSLEEVE™ small diameter flexible column heater

  • MultiSLEEVE™ multiple column heater controller

  • PowerSelector™ temperature controlled column selector

  • FlexChrom™ 1/16 in. flexible stainless steel tubing

  • UHPLC fingertight fittings

  • TrueTaper™ 96-well collection plates

  • Mighty Mat 96-well cap mat

  • DBS – Dried Blood Spot Pneumatic Card Punch

Other chromatography-related products offered:

  • HPLC/LC–MS columns: Wide selection of hardware and sorbents available for analytical, narrow-bore, microbore, prep, and semi-prep applications

  • Direct-connect columns

  • Flash chromatography: cartridges, cartridge adapters, manifolds, reservoirs, and injector tower

  • Sample and solvent preparation products

  • Automated valves for injection, selection, and switching

  • Fluidic transfer products, tubing, and fittings

  • Replacement pump parts and detector lamps

  • 96- and 384-well collection plates, glass inserts, cap mats, and films

  • Filter and protein crash plates

  • Solid-phase extraction

  • SCAT Solvent Safety Products

  • New product design and manufacturing

  • Custom product development


Our corporate headquarters is located in Pompton Plains, New Jersey. All operations are located within this facility, including R&D, manufacturing, applications development, and customer training.

Analytical Sales & Services, Inc.

237 West Parkway

Pompton Plains, NJ 07444


(973) 616-0700


(973) 616-0133