ASMS 2009- Day 2

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LCGC's coverage of ASMS 2009, day two, from Philadelphia.

June 2 — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — Welcome again, to Day 2 of ASMS 2009. We’re pleased to bring you our continued coverage from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ASMS is in full swing, and last night’s hospitality suites were as crowded as ever, as you might imagine. Tonight promises to be another crowded night at the Marriott, but before then, there is a whole day of mass spectrometry-related science.

The Thermo Scientific LTQ Velos features a new dual-pressure trap design and API source, making it the world's fastest and most sensitive ion trap mass spectrometer. Find out how these new technologies increase both scan speed and resolution, enabling the confident identification of more low-abundance compounds in less time.

June 2 — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — The call for increased biofuel production will surely be closely followed by a need for improved methods of analysis. The six presentations in this Tuesday morning session will examine various roles of mass spectrometry in biofuels analysis and will cover topics such as biodiesel characterization, metaproteomic analysis of termite microbes relevant to biofuel development, and multiple reaction monitoring of biofuels systems metabolic pathways.


June 2 — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — For those of you who have not yet had a chance to read Spectroscopy and LCGC’s “Homeland Security” supplement (, Tuesday morning’s “Mass Spectrometry in Homeland Protection” session should provide a nice overview of the topic.

June 2 — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — A session dedicated to “Accurate Mass LC–MS Approaches for Characterization and Quantification of Drugs and Metabolites” will kick off the fourth day of the technical program on Tuesday at the 57th ASMS Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

June 2 — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — Tuesday afternoon's session titled "LC–MS Assessment of Human Metabolism Compliance with "MIST" Guidance" plans to tackle the topic of the key challenges for drug development as a result of the FDA’s MIST guidance.

June 2 — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — After the show and the hospitality suites, here’s a few dinner places I have tried within a short distance from the Convention center area and found to be worth the effort!

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