Lipidomics Advances and Females in Mass Spec: An Analytica Interview with Anne Bendt


Bendt, of SLING, or Singapore Lipidomics Incubator, spoke with LCGC at Analytica 2024 about her research in the field of lipidomics, and about her work laying the ground for the Females in Mass Spectrometry group.

Anne Bendt is the Deputy Director and Principal Investigator of the Singapore Lipidomics Incubator (SLING), Life Sciences Institute. Her expertise in lipidomics extends to researching and developing biomarkers and diagnostics, translation and commercialization, and how this course of study relates to infectious diseases.

SLING, according to Bendt's bio online, is a "worldwide leading program for mass spectrometry (MS)-based analysis" of lipids. Bendt hopes to continue her research into clinical applications of MS for small molecules.

LCGC International sat down with Bendt at the Analytica 2024 conference in Munich, Germany to discuss the following topics:

  • Tell us about the session you chaired at Analytica this week. (0:20)
  • Give us a brief overview of your research and what you're working on. (2:39)
  • Any future goals for your work that you'd like to share with us? (3:39)
  • Tell us about your work with Females in Mass Spectrometry. (4:55)
  • How can anyone who is interested get involved with Females in Mass Spectrometry? (7:26)
  • What was the most exciting thing you did at Analytica this year? (8:38)
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