Corporate Retrospective 2007: CTS Corp

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Special Issues

LCGC Supplements, Special Issues-05-01-2007, Volume 0, Issue 0

CTS Corp. was founded in 1985 by Steve Harris.

CTS Corp. was founded in 1985 by Steve Harris. It was started to provide an alternative source for labs to get experienced, high quality maintenance, and repair service for their HPLC equipment. Starting his own company also allowed Steve to build a company that reflected his own strongly held Christian beliefs. Steve's background included work as both a bench level chemist and years of experience as a field service technician for one of the major HPLC manufacturers.

Steve's intense focus on honesty and quality workmanship as well as his personal attention to customer service allowed the company to grow and within two years a second service person was added. The company continued to flourish and soon expanded from simply providing service on instruments to adding design and manufacturing capabilities. The company followed its same philosophy of providing exceptional quality and value as it proceeded into this area. CTS began manufacturing many parts such as check valves and seal pack kits. It also began designing its own seals and plungers. The company also performed the alignment for deuterium lamps.

As the company's reputation for quality products grew and its portfolio of products increased, it become clear that the company world have to choose whether to focus on instrument service or on HPLC parts. In 2002 the company stopped doing service work in order to devote all its efforts into creating exceptional parts for HPLC. Another milestone was reached in 2006 when Steve Harris formally stepped down as owner of the company. The company was purchased by his son Brett who had worked his way up through the company from check valve manufacturing, to sales, and finally general manager.


Today CTS offers hundreds of parts for a wide range of various HPLC manufacturers, from names like Agilent and Waters to Beckman and Hitachi. Our customer base has grown from a few regional labs to some of the largest companies in the world. Our products can be found with service companies and distributors globally.

Congratulations to LCGC North America on their 25th anniversary.

Brett Harris

Brett Harris


CTS Corp.

Elkhart, Indiana