Corporate Retrospective 2007: Restek

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Special Issues

LCGC Supplements, Special Issues-05-01-2007, Volume 0, Issue 0

Restek Corporation was founded in 1985 as a gas chromatography column manufacturer in a small business incubator in Pennsylvania.

Restek Corporation was founded in 1985 as a gas chromatography column manufacturer in a small business incubator in Pennsylvania. We quickly grew based on our reputation for outstanding product quality, innovative offerings, and responsive, personal customer service. Today, more than 250 employees and their families work, play, and celebrate milestones in our state-of-the-art facility in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, our new research facility in California lead by Roy Lautamo, and our subsidiary locations in England, France, Germany, and Ireland.

We began solely as a column manufacturer but quickly evolved into a complete separations science company, focused on chromatography consumables and surface passivation. Our product lines now include gas and liquid chromatography columns and accessories, sample preparation products, analytical reference materials, air sampling products, and unique surface passivation treatments. We specialize in innovative and dependable stationary phases for GC and LC columns and offer the widest range of selectivities in the industry – many of which are engineered for specific applications and outperform more conventional phases. At Restek, we stay on the forefront of new product development through our commitment to ground breaking chemistry and stringent quality standards.

While innovation drives our business, we believe that our products are only as good as our ability to serve our customers. We are actively expanding our international technical expertise, beginning with the addition of Jaap de Zeeuw in March 2007, who is based in the Netherlands. We also pride ourselves on our knowledgeable U.S. technical service staff, who can help customers optimize their applications and troubleshoot instruments, as well as provide product information. At Restek, customers always speak promptly with a person who cares about their specific needs and who is committed to finding a custom solution. We care about the products we make and the service we provide because we define our success by our customers' success.


In the future, Restek will continue to specialize in chromatography consumables and surface passivation. As mergers in the industry continue, Restek will remain an independent, soon-to-be 100% employee-owned company, committed to customer satisfaction and to pioneering the frontiers of chromatography.

Congratulations to LCGC on their 25th anniversary.

Frank L. Dorman

Frank L. Dorman

Director of Technical Development

Restek Corporation