Corporate Retrospective 2007: Valco

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Special Issues

LCGC Supplements, Special Issues-05-01-2007, Volume 0, Issue 0

Valco Instruments was barely a decade old when LCGC North America was launched. Since then we've grown several-fold, taken over a small corner of Houston, and now produce a catalog with 250 pages instead of 25. Valco's early focus was GC valves and fittings, but over the years our offerings have evolved to include HPLC injectors and selector valves, unique GC detectors, electroformed nickel tubing, and fittings for direct connection of 360 μm tubing. Our liquid valves now offer working pressures as high as 40,000 psi and bore sizes as small as 100 microns, impossible to achieve even a few years ago. Many of the early products were made with manual machines, but now Valco has an arsenal of over 80 CNC machines, many that feature a seventh or eighth axis to economically produce designs that were virtually impossible 25 years ago.

In order to solve analytical problems, Valco has turned to innovation in machining and manufacturing techniques. In turn, those solutions have led to new and innovative products for the analytical industry. Today, Valco is using the tools, products, and knowledge gained from its past to develop innovative products for the medical industry. One of our specialized products is proving to be useful in drilling tiny holes in the bones of animals for the minimally invasive treatment of difficult to treat bone cancer. This has the potential for the treatment of humans as well. The use of these novel tools, born in the analytical field, is helping to bridge the chasm that exists between the analytical and medical fields.


The association between Valco and LCGC goes back almost to the inception of LCGC. Early on, Valco recognized the value of an audience specifically interested in chromatography techniques. LCGC has helped us get the word out through press releases and paid advertising, and we look forward to strengthening that partnership in the future.

Dennis Carroll

US Sales/Marketing Manager

VICI Valco Instruments Co Inc

Houston, Texas