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CHROMacademy will be providing a free ?Essential Guide? webinar on split/splitless injection on 26 January.

CHROMacademy will be providing a free “Essential Guide” webinar on split/splitless injection on 26 January. John V. Hinshaw (CHROMacademy GC Department Dean) and Tony Taylor (CHROMacademy tutor) will be giving attendees a taste of what CHROMacademy can offer.

According to CHROMacademy, there are countless GCs in the world equipped with split/splitless injectors, which in turn are the vaporising injectors of choice for millions of applications involving volatile analytes. While the injector is considered relatively simple to use, understanding gas flows within the injector and the sequence of events during the injection phase can help users avoid the pitfalls associated with sample introduction in GC.

Using multimedia teaching materials in conjunction with e-labs (virtual experiments) and tutorials, CHROMacademy students are to be taught key concepts in split and splitless injection including:

• Why peak shape can be improved by increasing split flow
• How to set up a split injector for method development
• Key strategies to avoid carryover
• Why a poorly set-up splitless injector can lead to a drastic loss in resolution
• The importance of optimizing purge times in splitless injection
• Obtaining maximum sensitivity from the sample injection
• How to spot thermal degradation and what to do about it

The “Essential Guide” is sponsored by the CHROMmunity - the Chromatographers Professional Network site where the Big Chromatography Conversations are happening!

To register for the webinar or for more details click here.

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