Fundamentals of Chromatography: An HPLC Interview with Deirdre Cabooter

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At HPLC 2023, LCGC spoke with Deirdre Cabooter of KU Leuven in Belgium. These clips comprise one of several HPLC interviews that were conducted at the conference.

Cabooter spoke with us at HPLC 2023 in Dusseldorf, Germany, where she gave a talk titled, "Detailed Investigation of Intra-particle Diffusion in Liquid Chromatography."

Cabooter is a Professor at KU Leuven in Belgium.

In these interview clips, Cabooter answers the following:

  1. What types of molecules do you work with in your research? (00:16–01:30)
  2. Why should more chromatographers study the fundamental aspects of chromatography? (01:31–02:14)
  3. What other aspects of your research are worth highlighting? (02:15–03:07)
  4. How will artificial intelligence (AI) benefit the chromatography community? (03:08–04:14)

This interview was one of several conducted at HPLC 2023. You can see our latest conference coverage, including our additional video interviews conducted at HPLC, at the following link: