Rising Stars of Separation Science: Zhuoheng Zhou

Pages: 21–22

This month we interview Zhuoheng Zhou from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium, about his focus on advancing instrumental and column technologies for modern chromatography and its applications in novel biopharmaceutical modalities and proteomics. We also spoke to him about his work developing a protocol to help with the design of polymer monolithic capillary columns.

Papers Mentioned in Interview

  1. Zhou, Z.; De Pra, M.; Steiner, F.; Desmet, G.; Eeltink, S. Assessing Effects of Ultra-High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography Instrument Configuration on Dispersion, System Pressure, and Retention. J. Chromatogr. A. 2020, 1634, 461660. DOI: 10.1016/j.chroma.2020.461660
  2. Zhou, Z.; Hilder, E. F.; Eeltink, S. A Protocol for Fabrication of Polymer Monolithic Capillary Columns and Tuning the Morphology Targeting High-Resolution Bioanalysis in Gradient-Elution Liquid Chromatography. J. Sep. Sci. 2023, 46, 2300439. DOI: 10.1002/jssc.202300439

Zhuoheng Zhou was trained as a chemist at Xiamen University (XMU) before he obtained his MSc degree in analytical chemistry at the Environmental Research Institute, National University of Singapore (NUS). He then enrolled in Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and joined the Bio-Analytical Separation Science (BASS) group as a PhD researcher under the supervision of Sebastiaan Eeltink and Gert Desmet. He is currently conducting his postdoctoral research, which focuses on UHPLC instrumentation and microcolumn technology, and their application in environmental analysis, biopharmaceutical characterization, and proteomic profiling.

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