Gulf Coast Conference: John Wasson Discusses Data Retrieval From Chemical Processing Plant Streams


At the 2023 Gulf Coast Conference, LCGC spoke with John Wasson of Wasson-ECE Instrumentation, who discussed the process of retrieving high-quality, real-time data from chemical processing plant streams. This interview was one of four conducted live at GCC 2023.

Wasson spoke during the 2023 Gulf Coast Conference (GCC) in Galveston, Texas, with one of his lectures being titled, "New Revolutionary Process GC with Capillary Chromatography."

John Wasson started Wasson-ECE Instrumentation in 1986 to provide analytical solutions for the most challenging analytes and processes in the HPI and CPI industries. He is a recognized expert on the design and application of turn-key custom GCs for lab and process instruments. John will cover Wasson-ECE’s newest product line, Eclipse Process Gas Chromatographs, the most capable process analyzers available to the hydrocarbon industry.

LCGC sat down with Wasson to discuss the following questions:

  • Can you give us a brief overview of the work you will be presenting (00:15–01:07)?
  • What challenges are there with obtaining real-time, high-quality data about chemical processing plant streams (01:08–02:15)?
  • How do the systems within your process gas chromatographs (PGCs) work to deliver quality data (02:16–02:58)?
  • Where can these PGCs find practical usage (02:59–03:29)?
  • Is there something specific about your work that you would like viewers to know (03:30–04:15)?

Our interview with Wasson was one of four conducted live at GCC 2023. For the other published GCC interviews, click on the links below:

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