High Throughput Bioanalytical Sample Preparation: Methods and Automation Strategies

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LCGC Europe

Summary of High Throughput Bioanalytical Sample Preparation

High Throughput Bionanalytical Sample Preparation: Methods and Automation Strategies is aimed at researchers in pharmaceutical drug development, drug analysis and related clinical chemistry disciplines for therapeutic drug monitoring, as well as forensic scientists who perform sample preparation. Focusing on high-throughput techniques and describing how to perform and automate these methodologies, the book includes strategies for method development and optimization.

Chapters cover such topics as protein removal by precipitation, equilibrium dialysis and ultrafiltration, liquidliquid extraction, solidphase extraction and various on-line techniques. Beginning with an overview of the role of bioanalysis in pharmaceutical drug development, the book examines fundamental understanding of the strategies for sample preparation, along with essential concepts in extraction chemistry. Several chapters introduce and dicsuss microplates, accessory products and automation devices, before moving on to automation within a bioanalytical laboratory, protein precipitation, and a variety of approaches to on-line sample preparation.

The book concludes with information on recent advances in sample preparation, such as solid-phase extraction in a card format and higher density extraction plates. The authors hope that readers who employ the strategies presented in the book will achieve improved efficiency in moving discovery compounds to preclinical status with robust analytical methods; return on investment in automation for sample preparation; and improved knowledge and expertise of laboratory staff.


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