HPLC 2015 Tuesday Afternoon Sessions

HPLC2015 Tuesday Afternoon Sessions


Session 19: Enantioselectivity

Room 1, Level 1

14:15 -Wolfgang Lindner: Chiral Ion Exchanger for Stereoselective Resolutions: Peculiarities, Operational Flexibility, Applicability Spectrum

14:45 - C.J. Venkatramani: Design and Applications of 2D LCxSFC in Pharmaceutical Analysis

15:05 -Kenji Hamase: Chiral Amino Acid Targeted Metabolomics for Clinical Diagnosis Using Enantioselective Two-dimensional HPLC Tandem-mass Spectrometry

15:25 - Alessia Ciogli: On the use of the Sub-2-µm Whelk-O 1 stationary phase in enantioselective ultra-high performance SFC

Session 20: Proteomics

Room 2, Level 0

14:15 -Barry Karger: Advanced Glycoprotein Structural Characterization Using Top-Down High-Resolution CZE–MS

14:45 -Ying Zhang: Improving Peptide Selectivity by Using LC-SWATH/MS Acquisition Method with Variable Isolation Window Widths: An Additional Separation Step at Mass Level

15:05 - Alexey Makarov: New Approach of Using Pressure in Reversed-Phase Liquid Chromatography to Study Protein Conformational Changes by Differential Deuterium Exchange

Session 21: Food Science

Room 3 + 4, Level 0

14:15 - Luigi Mondello: Elucidation of the Carotenoid Composition in Food using One- and Two-Dimensional Chromatography Coupled to Photodiode Array and Mass Spectrometry Detection

14:45 -Helmut K. Mayer: UHPLC Analysis of Biogenic Amines in Different Cheese Varieties Retailed in Austria

15:05 - Yoshiyuki Watabe: Comprehensive Two-Dimensional HPLC Analysis and Informative Data Processing for Pharmaceuticals and Lipids

15:25 - Stephen Pickrahn: Application of Preparative 2D-LC in Natural Product Taste Research (2D-SENSOMICS) Utilizing Innovative Scale-Ip Approaches

Tutorial 05: Modern SFC

Room 5 + 6, Level 3

14:45–15:30: Abhijit Tarafdera & Caroline West: Modern SFC: What Analytical Chemists Should Know About It?

Session 22: Selectivity

Room 1, Level 1

16:45 -Koji Otsuka: Simplified High Performance CE Separations of Biomolecules

17:00 - Doo Soo Chung: Micro-Headspace In-Tube Microextraction coupled with Capillary Electrophoresis

17:35 - José Manuel Herrero-Martínez: Monolithic Columns with a High Coverage of Silver Nanoparticles for Nano-LC Separation of Small Molecules and Proteins

17:55 - Bertyl Andri: Investigation and Modelling of the Retention Mechanisms in Supercritical Fluid Chromatography with the Help of Chemometric Tools

Session 23: Proteins

Room 2, Level 0

16:45 - David Hage: Affinity Microcolumns as Tools for Examining the Binding and Rates of Drug-Protein Interactions in Solution

17:15 -Zhen Liu: New boronate affinity stationary phases for affinity separation and enrichment

17:35 -Lars Büter: Differential Labeling of Cysteine Residues in Proteins based on Electrochemically Generated Reactive Species

17:55 -Staffan Nilsson: SAW-MALDI MS: Open Chip for Biomolecule Sample Handling; Impact of Ionic Liquids on Hormone Secretion from Langerhans Islets

Session 24: Metabolomics

Room 3 + 4, Level 0

16:45 - Thomas Hankemeier: Remaining Challenges in Metabolomics, and Strategies to Address Them

17:15 -Marc J.F. Suter: Multimode Gradient Separation for Metabolomics and Environmental Monitoring

17:35 -Michael Witting: Evaluation of Different Algorithms in QSRR to Filter False Positive Annotations in LC–MS-Based Metabolomics

17:55 - Georgios Theodoridis: Metabolomics for Biomarker Discovery in Perinatal Health


Tutorial 06

Room 5 + 6, Level 3

17:15 – 18:00 -Fabrice Gritti: Mass Transfer Processes Inside Modern Chromatographic Columns