HPLC2013 Monday Afternoon Sessions


HYPERFormance LC – Auditorium

Sessions chaired by Monika Dittmann and Ivo Nischang

14:00 – Torgny Fornstedt: A New Procedure for Predictions of Overloaded Profiles in Gradient Elution (Keynote)
14:30 – Attila Felinger: Time Scales in Liquid Chromatography – From Picoseconds to Kiloseconds (Keynote)
15:00 – James Treadway:Highly Efficient Capillary Columns Packed with Sub-2 Micron Superficially Porous Particles (Oral)
15:20 – Kristián Horváth:Analysis of Efficiency of Bi-layer Core–shell Particles (Oral)
15:40 – Alberto CavazziniPerfluorinated Adsorbents for UHPLC and Environmental Applications (Oral)

Sessions chaired by Fabrice Gritti

17:00 – Ulrich Tallarek: Properties of the Water-Rich Layer at the Stationary Phase in HILIC – A Molecular Dynamics Study (Keynote)
17:30 – Edward Yeung: Nanoparticles as Probes for Chromatography (Keynote


Sessions Chaired by Michael Lämmerhofer and Deirdre Cabooter

14:00 – Marja-Liisa Riekkola: Analytical Challenges Related to the Elucidation of the Chemical Compounds Taken Part in Atmospheric Aerosol Formation (Keynote)
14:30 – Imma Ferrer: (HR-MS (LC/Q-TOF-MS) for the Identification of Emerging Contaminants in Water (Keynote)
15:00 – Valerie Pichon:Miniaturization of Selective Extraction Sorbents for their On-line Coupling with CE or on Chip (Oral)
15:20 – Thorsten Teutenberg: Nano LCXLC-MS for the Screening Analysis of Complex Samples (Oral)
15:40 –  Catherine Rimmer: Evaluation of Quantitation in LCxLC (Oral)
17:00 –  Gui-Bin Jiang:Separation and Identification of New POPs by LC and MS (Oral)
17:20 – Sara Sandron:Single and Multi-Dimensional Chromatographic for Dissolved Organic Matter(DOM) (Oral)
17:40 – Discussion on Needs for Environmental Analysis (Discussion)

HPLC-MS 2013

Sessions chaired by J. Michael Ramsey and Frantisek Foret

14:00 – Yi Chen:Ultrafast Separation on Photonic Crystal Beds (Oral)
14:20 – Astrid Gjelstad:Parallel Artificial Liquid Membrane Extraction– Micro-Scale LLE in the 96-well Format (Oral)
14:40 – Natalia Gasilova: A Microchip Emitter for
SPE – Gradient Elution LC–MS (Oral)
15:00 – David Chen: CE–MS, the Nerdy Brother of a Giant, Can be the Answer for your next Analytical Challenge (Keynote)
15:30 – Govert Somsen: CE–MS: Towards Comprehensive Characterization of Intact Biomacromolecules (Keynote)

Sessions chaired by Govert Somsen

17:00 – Hanno Stutz:Characterization of Allergens by Various CE Modes (Oral)
17:20 – Jin-Ming Lin:Development of a Microfluidic Device Combined with MS for Study of Cell Drug Metabolism (Oral)
17:40 – Detlev Belder:Chip Chromatography in Microfluidic Glass Chips with Optical and MS Detection (Oral)

HPLC2013 Tutorials – G104–105

14:00 – Nobuo Tanaka:Monolithic Silica Columns. Introduced by Axel Vasat.
15:00 – Emily Hilder: Polymer Monoliths. Introduced by Eva Tyteca.
17:00 – Stephen Jacobson:Nanofluidics and its Applications to Separations and Sensing. Introduced by Robert-Jan Raterrink.