HPLC2013 Tuesday Morning Sessions

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The morning sessions of at HPLC2013 on Tuesday 18 June 2013 will begin with the Uwe D. Neue Award presentation to Joseph Jack Kirkland by Martin Gilmar and Georges Guichon. Jack Kirkland will then give a keynote presentation called Optimized Superficially Porous Particles for Protein Analysis. This will be followed by a talk by Gert Desmet on Understanding the Fine Details of the Band Broadening Processes in LC. Professor Boguslaw Buszewski will discuss LC?MSn Study of Biomarker Metabolites of Human Diseases and Paola Dugo will reveal her insights into Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography in an illuminating tutorial session

HYPERformance LC – Auditorium

Sessions chaired by Georges Giuchon and Martin Gilar

8:40 – Uwe D. Neue Award: presented by Martin Gilar and Georges Guiochon (Award)
9:00 – Joseph Kirkland: Optimized Superficially Porous Particles for Protein Analysis (Keynote)
9:30 – Gert Desmet: Understanding the Fine Details of the Band-broadening Processes in LC (Keynote)
10:00 – Ross Shalliker: Active Flow Technology: the ‘Infinite DiameterColumn’ in a Curtain Flow Mode of Operation (Oral)
10:20  – Tivadar Farkas: The Cutting Edge in RP-UHPLC Performance: 1.3μm Core-shell Particles (Oral)
10:40 – Peter Myers:A New Particle for LC (Oral)

Sessions chaired by Frank Svec

11:30 – Emily Hilder: Designing Polymer Monoliths for the Efficient Chromatography of Small and Large Molecules (Keynote)
12:00 – Ivo Nischang:Morphology, Porous Properties, Polymer Nanoscale Gel Structure and Performance of Porous Polymer Monoliths (Keynote)


Sessions chaired by William Hancock and Alexander Leitner

9:00 – Albert Heck: Pre-fractionation and MS: Condemned to Each Other in Proteomics? (Keynote)
9:30 – Christian Huber: High-Efficiency and High Peak Capacity Separation Methods for Proteome Analysis (Keynote)
10:00 – Alba Cristobal:UHPLC System Enabling the Identification of Over4,000 Protein Groups in a Single Analysis (Oral)
10:20 – Rabah Gahoual: Characterization of Trastuzumab by Sheathless CE-MS/MS (Oral)
10:40 – A. Boichenko:Discovery and Validation of Serum Biomarkers for Cervical Cancer by LC-MS/MS (Oral)
11:30 – David Lubman:FASP-assisted Proteomic Analysis of Cancer Stem Cells within Tissue Samples (Oral)
11:50 – Hanfa Zou: Solid-phase Based Methods and Technologies forGlycoproteome and Phosphoproteome Analysis (Oral)
12:10 – Discussion on Needs for Proteomics


HPLC–MS – G102–103

Sessions chaired by Steve Cohen and Frederic Lynen

9:00 – Bogusław Buszewski:LC-MSn Study of Biomarker Metabolites of Human Diseases (Oral)
9:20 – Sebastiaan Bijttebier:High-end Analytical Technology for an Integrated Workflow for Valorisation of Bio-waste Streams (Oral)
9:40 – Ulrich Braumann:Efficiently Combining HPLC, NMR and MS (Oral)
10:00 – Guowang Xu: Novel Analytical Methods of HPLC-MS Based Metabolomics (Keynote)
10:30 – Michal Holčapek: New Approaches in Nontargeted Lipidomic Quantitation of Biological Samples by LC/MS (Keynote)

Sessions chaired by Marja-Liisa Riekkola

11:30 – Huwei Liu: 2D (NP/RP) LC-MS Method for Lipid Profiling of Human Plasma from Peritoneal Dialysis Patients (Oral)
11:50 – Miroslav Lisa: Enantiomeric Characterization of TriacylglycerolsUsing Chiral HPLC/MS (Oral)
12.10 – Wolfgang Buchberger: HPLC and MS as Tools for Determination ofStabilizers in Synthetic Polymers

HPLC2013 TUTORIALS – G104–105

9:00 – Technical Seminar from Molnár-Institute
9:30 – Sarah Trimpin: MALDI, Other Matrix Assisted Ionization Methods, and Nonconventional Approaches to LC/MS. Introduced by Karli Reiding.
10:30 – Uwe Karst: Quantitative LC-MS. Introduced by Andjoe Sampat.
11:50 – Paola Dugo: Comprehensive Two-dimensional Liquid Chromatography. Introduced by Anna Baglai.