2LabsToGo: An Analytica Interview with Gertrud E. Morlock


As scientists work to be more sustainable, analytical technologies are getting smaller. Gertrud E. Morlock, Chair of Food Science at Justus Liebig University Giessen sat down with LCGC International at the Analytica conference in Munich, Germany in April to discuss 2LabsToGo, an open source portable lab that can do low-cost planar separations in liquid chromatography and biological assays on the same separation surface. Morlock gave LCGC International an overview of how the technology works, what makes it so sustainable, the application areas that it can be used for, and more. Check out the full interview at the link below and refer to the timestamps to locate specific topics of discussion.

  • What is 2LabsToGo? (0:11)
  • What applications is 2LabsToGo used for? (0:43)
  • Can you illustrate the benefits of 2LabsToGo with some practical examples? (1:18)
  • Are there any other application areas where 2LabsToGo would be useful? (3:10)
  • Can you explain how 2LabsToGo can help improve sustainability? (4:10)
  • Are you looking to develop 2LabsToGo further? (5:27)
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