HPLC2013 Wednesday Morning Sessions

19 June ? Amsterdam, Netherlands ?Wednesday morning will feature sessions in the Auditorium in celebration of the scientific career of Wolfgang Lindner. Michael L?mmerhofer and Barry Kargerwill kick off proceedings by presenting the High-Performance Lindner Chromatography Award. David McCalley will present a mid-morning keynote talk entitled: ?Influence of phase type and solute structure on changes in retention with pressure in RPLC|?. Over in the Emerald room Hans-Gerd Janssen will begin the morning with a stimulating talk on food analysis. A series of tutorials will run throughout the day, this morning the featured topic is supercritical-fluid chromatography led by Isabelle Francois.

HYPERformance LC – Auditorium

These sessions will be in celebration of the scientific career of Wolfgang Lindner and are sponsored by Merck Millipore.

Sessions chaired by Wolfgang Buchberger and SvW

8:40 – High-Performance Lindner Chromatography Award: presented by Michael Lämmerhofer and Barry Karger
9:00 – Barry Karger:The Integration of LC and MS for Ultratrace Analysis (Keynote)
9:30 – Alexander Leitner: Studying Protein Complexes and Biological Networks by Chemical Cross-Linking and MS (Keynote)
10:00 – Brett Paull: Selectivity on Agglomerated Ion-Exchange and Commercial Mixed-Mode Stationary Phases (Oral)
10:20 – Tohru Ikegami:Polymer-Coated or Not? – A Simple Test Method to Categorize HILIC phasesBased on their Structural Selectivity (Oral)
10:40 – Apryll Stalcup:Surface-Confined Ionic Liquid Stationary Phases for HPLC (Oral)

Sessions chaired by Paul Haddad

11:30 – David McCalley:Influence of Phase Type and Solute Structure on Changes in Retention with Pressure in RPLC (Keynote)
12:00 – Nobuo Tanaka:Effect of Pressure on Retention
and Selectivity of Polymeric ODS and C30 Stationary Phases in RPLC (Keynote)


Sessions chaired by Michel Nielen and Erwin Kaal

9:00 – Hans-Gerd Janssen: Food Analysis: Challenging for LC and MS (Keynote)
9:30 – Paola Dugo: Advanced LC and MS Techniques for Lipid Analysis (Keynote)
10:00 – Yolanda Picó:Orbitrab vs QTOF to Determine PesticideResidues in Fruit and Vegetable Extracts (Oral)
10:20 – Giorgia Greco:The Serial RP–HPLC/HILIC/API–MS Coupling (Oral)
10:40 – Sara Stead:Fluoroquinolone Class of Antibiotics in PorcineMuscle Extracts Using IMS (Oral)
11:30 – André de Villiers:Recent Developments in the LC Analysis ofAnthocyanins (Oral)
11:50 – Michelle Camenzuli:The Analysis of Natural Products Using ActiveFlow Technology with Multiplexed Detection (Oral)
12:10 – Discussion on Needs for Food Analysis

HPLC–MS – G102–103

Sessions chaired by Manfred Wuhrer and Imma Ferrer

9:00 – Dennis Blank:Glycosylation Analysis of Enriched Immunoglobulin A (Oral)
9:20 – J Wendt:The Advantages of Mass Accuracy and Resolution in Lipidomics and Metabolomics (Oral)
9:40 – Ron Peters:At the edge of One-Dimensional HT–UHPLC–MS in an Industrial Environment (Oral)
10:00 – Ron Heeren: The Role of Molecular Flash Photography in Desorption, Detection and Disease (Keynote)
10:30 – Alexander Makarov: Orbitrap MS: Past, Present and Future (Keynote)

Sessions chaired by Yvan Vander Heyden

11:30 – Jan Christensen:Signal Processing – The Missing Link in Analysis of LC, LC–MS and LCXLC Data (Keynote)
12:00 – Arjen Lommen: Recent Developments and Applications of MetAlign-Based Data Processing in Chromatography Combined with Full-Scan MS (Keynote)

HPLC2013 TUTORIALS– G104–105

9:00 – Technical Seminar from Molnár-Institute
9:30 – Gert Desmet: System Performance. Introduced by Rudy Vonk
10:30 – Attila Felinger: Role of the Stationary Phase in HPLC. Introduced by Daniela Peroni
11:50 – Isabelle Francois: Supercritical-Fluid Chromatography.
Introduced by Hanneke Brust.