Increase Productivity and Reduce Helium Use with Restek’s Expanded Line of LPGC Columns

Press Release

With the launch of new phases and dimensions, Restek’s LPGC column kits open the door to improved productivity and cost savings for a wide range of industries and applications. The analytical and restrictor columns are factory connected, providing a reliable, robust, and simplified workflow solution that is proven to be leak tight. Labs can increase sample throughput with up to 3.3x faster analyses and save money by reducing helium consumption by up to 81%. LPGC column kits are in stock for immediate shipment and supported by predeveloped methods for pesticides, phthalates, arylamines, alkylfurans, nitrosamines, and MCPDs with more applications on the way. Easy installation, consistent performance, and dramatic gains in speed and savings make LPGC column kits the most effective way for labs to implement LPGC-MS and benefit from this powerful technique.

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