Special Issues

LCGC SupplementsSpecial Issues-12-01-2012
Volume 30
Issue 12


Company Description

KNAUER is driven by pure curiosity, providing laboratories with solutions that enable users to perform tasks such as identification, quantification, and isolation of components of liquids. We focus on liquid chromatography, ranging from fast and sensitive determinations using UHPLC–MS up to purification solutions for up to 200 grams of product per day. We offer eco-friendly solutions for the benefit of the customer and the environment. KNAUER has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality, easy-to-use instruments by combining craftsmanship, experience, and innovation. KNAUER, a modern German family business ­— 50 years of knowing how.

Knauer Managing Directors Alexandra Knauer and Dr. Alexander Bünz

Chief Chromatographic Techniques Supported

  • Ultra high-performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC)

  • Analytical and preparative HPLC

  • Biochromatography

  • Continuous chromatography (SMB, MCSGP) for purification

  • Automated sample preparation

Markets Served

Knauer HPLC systems and columns are used in research and development, quality control, and production plant laboratories around the world. Customers are typically governmental and industrial organizations as well as universities. Fields of application include pharmaceutical and medical research, analysis of foodstuffs and petrochemicals, as well as environmental analysis. Knauer also manufactures most of its product range for numerous OEM partners.

Major Products/Services

PLATINblue – HPLC Plus/UHPLC product line for higher productivity and reduced cost per sample compared to conventional HPLC. PLATINblue is available in two versions – UHPLC (max. 1000 bar, up to 2 mL/min; 800 bar up to 5 mL/min) and HPLC Plus (750 bar up to 5 mL/min; 400 bar up to 10 mL/min) which is fully upgradeable to UHPLC any time.

AZURA – HPLC was developed to be a highly adaptable platform for a wide range of applications from analytical to preparative HPLC. AZURA features elements for high pressure solvent delivery up to 1000 mL/min, degassing, detection, injection, switching, and fractionation. What is your next HPLC separation task?

Smartline – modular instruments for the conventional HPLC range feature a very small footprint and good specifications.

Bioline – biochromatography solutions with high resolution glass columns, appropriate stationary phases, and biocompatible LC systems with a unique benchtop cooling feature.

SMB – simulated moving bed chromatography purification systems for smaller-scale production plants, e.g. in the pharmaceutical industry. Highly efficient continuous chromatography – ideal for binary mixtures.

Contichrom – extremely versatile continuous chromatography system for purification tasks, including complex mixtures. Easily switch from batch to unique MCSGP technique, achieve high purity and yield, save solvent.

HPLC columns – are available from narrow-bore to preparative scale – totalling a selection of more than 11,000 columns.

ChromGate® and ClarityChrom® – FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant data acquisition and instrument control software packages for automated solutions including preparative HPLC and sample preparation.


A staff of over 115 employees develops, manufactures and markets the complete line of Knauer instruments at the headquarters in Berlin, Germany. Knauer products are distributed in more than 60 countries through a worldwide network of dealers which receive regular training in Berlin.


Hegauer Weg 38

14163 Berlin, Germany


+49 30 8097270


+49 30 8015010