LEAP Technologies, Inc.


Special Issues

LCGC SupplementsSpecial Issues-12-01-2012
Volume 30
Issue 12

LEAP Technologies, Inc.

Company Description

LEAP Technologies, Inc. is the original American dealer of CTC Analytics, and LEAP provides the most comprehensive and experienced support and service for all PALs. Customized PAL automation applications and workstations are specialities. Sample prep and injection automation, GC, LC, mass spec, and other analytical instrument needs, as well as collaboration with several larger companies for automation of sample handling are also part of what we offer.

Chief Chromatographic Techniques Supported

  • LC-fraction collection for purification (semi-prep)

  • LC–MS sample handlers with sample prep just before injection

  • Complete LC systems

  • UHPLC binary pumps

  • MALDI sample Prep

  • Forced degradation

  • Sample loading for refractometers for screening samples

  • NMR prep and load

  • GC and GC–MS sample prep such as headspace, SPME

  • GC and GC-MS sample injection (headspace, SPME, ITEX, and more) with integrated sample tracking for Xcalibur™ and ChemStation™

Markets Served

  • Pharma/biotech

  • Polymer/chemical

  • Petrochem

  • Proteomics

  • Forensic/toxicology

  • Food and beverage

  • Fragrance and cosmetics

  • Environmental

  • Biofuels

Major Products/Services

Gazelle 18 Binary UHPLC Pump: highest range of pressure and flow rate in the industry, AnalystTM driver controls up to 2 pumps

Gazelle LC-Bundle: from solvent bottles to column heater optimized for LC–MS lab productivity

H/D-X PALTM : Provides an automated process for scheduling and performing label experiments for hydrogen deuterium exchange, followed by direct injection into the MS

SCAP DBS System: Dried blood spot sample extraction with fully automated sample card handling for online LC–MS-MS analysis on fraction collection

Collect PAL: features no-loss collection into microtiter plates that have covers and can be stored in a cooled holder. Up to 24 micro plates can be accommodated. It is typically used when radio-labeled compounds are being profiled. Use short fraction intervals from 3.5–15 s.

Purific System: this large bed fraction collector is especially suitable for production type purifications. The open-access approach can keep the system running without interruptions between batches. A carefully designed screen and output file option precisely keeps track of all the fractions. It can be run off a UV or UV and MS triggered peak system by the PEAK Harvester software. The Mini-Purific version fits into a fume hood.

CombiPAL: multipurpose autosampler, with ITEX combines direct-liquid-injection, static-headspace, SPME, and thermal desorption. Powered by Chronos Software.

CHRONOS™ Software: productivity tool, one sample list for multi-vendor GC/LCs. Doubles throughput for headspace, SPME, ITEX-2

WorkStations: small stand-alone workstations for repetitive liquid handling steps with mixing, heating, extracting, and weighing.


LEAP's home office is located next to Chapel Hill in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina. This facility has a lab with GCs and mass specs, several demo rooms, and a large training area. There are also offices in New York, New Jersey, Indiana, and California.

LEAP Technologies, Inc.

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Carrboro, NC 27510


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