Monday Afternoon Session Preview: Quantitative Analysis in Drug Discovery for Small Molecules

Monday Afternoon Session Preview: Quantitative Analysis in Drug Discovery for Small Molecules

This afternoon session will be presided over by Rick King of PharmaCadence Analytical Services and will be held from 2:30–4:30 p.m. in Ballroom 220/221.

The first presentation in the session will be given by Leanne Grafmuller of Pfizer and is titled “The Evaluation and Development of Automated Workflows in Blood, Plasma and Urine Using Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling (VAMS).” Grafmuller will discuss the aims of her group’s work to devise an automated sample preparation and extraction protocol using Mitra and direct-inject analysis of sample extracts using HILIC chromatography to streamline bioanalytical workflows.

The next talk, to be delivered by Brian Rappold of Essential Testing, is titled “Calibration Curve Sensitivity: The Role of Internal Standard on Slope and Precision of Clinical LC-MS/MS Assays.” This work will address the effect of internal standard concentration and response on the sensitivity of endogenous and exogenous assay calibration.

The third talk will be given by Kasie Fang of GlaxoSmithKline and is titled “LC-MS/MS and LC-HRMS Approaches to Support Toxicity Studies of a Glycolipid Vaccine Adjuvant.” Kang will discuss a sensitive and robust LC–MS-MS method that was developed to provide bioanalytical support for toxicity studies with varied species and matrices. 

Tom Van De Goor of Agilent Technologies will give the next talk titled “Improving Quantitative Analysis through Reduction of Matrix Suppression Effects by coupling Multi-Dimensional Chromatography to ESI-MS.” Van De Goor’s talk will focus on the benefits for accurate quantitation of analytes in complex matrices that are gained by coupling a second dimension separation directly to standard LC–MS.

The penultimate presentation is titled “Whole blood Analysis using New Solid Phase Microextraction Devices and Investigation of the Hematocrit Effect,” and will be given by Nathaly Rayes Garces. This talk will present an alternative support material to manufacture SPME devices for bioanalytical applications and the results from an evaluation of the hematocrit effect on SPME extractions from blood.

Finally, Mark Wrona of Waters Corporation will present “Comparison of Travelling Wave IMS-QTof Geometries and Acquisition Modes for Quantitative Analysis.” Wrona will discuss the performance characteristics of current travelling wave-based ion mobility platforms and advances using a novel traveling wave ion mobility time-of-flight geometry to enhance the resolution, sensitivity, and specificity of data for molecules using the properties of m/z and collisional cross section area.