Neta Scientific, Inc.


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LCGC SupplementsSpecial Issues-12-01-2013
Volume 31
Issue 12

Neta Scientific is a distributor of scientific laboratory supplies located in Hainesport, New Jersey.

Company Description

Neta Scientific is a distributor of scientific laboratory supplies located in Hainesport, New Jersey. Neta's goal is to "Help You Reach GREATER HEIGHTS in Your Research" through innovative products, services and cost management. As a diverse and woman-owned business with over 40 years of practical lab experience, Neta Scientific was founded and incorporated in December 2000. Neta also has SBA, SDB, NMSDC, MBE, and WBE certifications. With its beginnings as a single source for customers focused on chromatography, Neta has gradually evolved and broadened its portfolio to include a variety of laboratory supplies and equipment to accommodate its growing customer base. A member of the E&I, GSA, ILDA, MBEC, and Pennsylvania co-ops, Neta's goal is to enable customers to meet their business objectives at the highest level of customer satisfaction in channels that customers prefer.

Markets Served

Neta serves research and development labs throughout the nation, with a diverse client base encompassing the pharmaceutical, life sciences, biotechnology, government, food & flavors, higher learning, and chemical industries.

Major Products/Services

Neta's portfolio features antibodies, biologicals, bioreagents, chemicals, chromatography, labware, life sciences, reagents, media, PCR kits, robotic tips, table top instrumentation, wave bags, plastics, and glass products. The chromatography columns offering includes Agilent, Bonna-Agela, General Separation Technologies, PerkinElmer Analytical, and Restek. As new products and new suppliers are added to the portfolio, Neta prides itself on developing strong strategic supplier partnerships for sourcing scientific products and services in channels that customers prefer. Neta also offers supply chain cost management solutions (that is, consignment inventory), "Preferred Customer" programs, 24–48 hour delivery, the most competitive pricing, excellent customer service, technical support, and flexible purchasing capabilities.


Corporate operations and the main warehouse are based in Hainesport, New Jersey. The facility is 10,000 sq. ft. with onsite stocking, customized inventory, and refrigeration. Neta implements the best supply chain business practices to improve operations and quickly respond to business and customer needs.

Neta Scientific, Inc.

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