12 New Laboratory Products Showcased at Analytica 2024


At the 2024 Analytica conference in Munich, Germany, more than 1000 exhibitors from around the world came to showcase their technologies. Throughout the show, the editors of LCGC International spoke with vendors from a variety of companies about the new products they’re providing to improve liquid chromatography, gas analysis, sample preparation, and more. Below, you’ll find a summary of 12 new products, listed in alphabetical order by company name.

The 2024 Analytica conference took place in Munich, Germany. © Caroline Hroncich

The 2024 Analytica conference took place in Munich, Germany. © Caroline Hroncich

Antec highlighted its newly developed SweetSep AEX columns for high performance anion exchange chromatography (HPAEC) with pulsed amperometric detection. The columns allow for high-resolution separations of carbohydrates. The columns can be used with any HPAEC and bioinert HPLC systems.

dichrom GmbH launched its ETN-12 electro membrane extraction (EME) device at Analytica. The device provides extraction, sample clean-up, and high selectivity for ionizable compounds from blood, and other body fluids. It can also be used for environmental samples. It can provide pure samples for mass spectrometry, without further separation through chromatography. The tool needs very little organic solvent and can clean 12 samples in parallel in 15 minutes, on average.

Knauer Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH highlighted its Azura purifier, a liquid chromatography (LC) platform for purification tasks in the laboratory and to produce pure substances up to several grams. The purifier automates the process, without the risk of contamination. It also has a capacity of up to 1440 samples on 96 microtiter well plates enable high-throughput as a sampler or fractionator.

Nova Biomedical GmbH showcased its new BioProfile Fast CDV, which can be used by scientists examining cell cultures requiring high throughput. It requires 100 µl sample volume delivering an analysis of the total cell density, viable cell density, cell diameter, and percent aggregate. The analyzer can test 45 samples per hour and can test cell densities ranging from 5e4 cells/mL to 140e6 cells/mL without any manual or external dilutions.

Phenomenex introduced its new size exclusion chromatography product Biozen dSEC-7 for the analysis of adeno associated viral (AAVs) vectors in gene therapy. The particle technology and surface chemistry for characterizing AAVs allows for a reduction in run times and sample consumption.

PromoChrom Technologies Ltd highlighted its new Presto technology, a new analyzer for solid phase extraction. The tool is set to be available to customers soon.

Shimadzu Deutschland GmbH showcased its Brevis gas chromatography (GC)-2050 system. The GC system is 35 cm and includes an autosampler. Two columns can be installed in the oven and the GC can be operated with hydrogen. The tool includes a gas selection value, to switch from helium to nitrogen. The system can be operated via tablet and includes split saver, which is an intelligence sleep function that helps to save gas. The company also showcased its Nexera XS inert ultra-high performance liquid chromatography (UPLC) system for the separation of biomolecules.

Thermo Fisher Scientific expanded its Orbitrap Exploris Mass Spectrometry system with two new additions. The Orbitrap Exploris Mass Spectrometry System is a quantitative high-resolution, accurate mass liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry tool. It can be coupled with its new hybrid quadrupole Exploris 240 and 120 MS. The company also showcased its new Dionex ICS-6000 high pressure ion chromatography system, which includes a dual-channel system configuration, allows the automatic tracking of consumables, can automate eluent preparation, and more.

VICI AG International spotlighted its multi-layer hydrogen generator. The high-volume model covers a range of applications with high hydrogen purity of 99.99997%. Four variants are offered with flow rates of 4.5l, 9l, 13.5l and 18l. The proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology with titanium cells ensures durability with minimum maintenance. The company also presented its new Dynacalibrator 150, a compact calibrator with a passivated glass-coated permeation chamber that houses permeation devices, with measured inert carrier gas sweeping the chamber. The digital temperature controller maintains the chamber temperature at a set point with an accuracy of ±0.01 °C, traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards.

Did you release a new product at Analytica and don’t see it on this list? Let us know! Reach out directly to Caroline Hroncich at chroncich@mjhlifesciences.com to have your new release included in our feature.

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