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ColumnThe Column-01-24-2011
Volume 7
Issue 1

Incognito inspires us to improve the way we work by sharing his New Year's resolutions that will make for better working practices.

I’ll start by apologizing for the appalling pun in the title — however this time of year is always good for planning, with the best of intentions, how we are going to improve the way in which we work.

Like many New Year’s resolutions, some of our work-based best intentions will be short lived, mainly due to the usual pressures of work. However, if just one or two points on our list manage to become reality, we can make a positive advance in our knowledge, skills or attitude.

So, after a good deal of thought and a brief trawl through some past Incognito columns, here is a list of my own resolutions for the coming year. I hope that they provide a little inspiration for your own lists.

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