2018 Global CESI-MS Symposium

The 2018 Global CESI-MS Symposium is an interactive, annual event where world-renowned researchers and innovators share cutting-edge science about the use of capillary electrophoresis with electrospray ionization (CESI)–mass spectrometry (MS) in a variety of different application areas such as pharmaceutical, proteomics, metabolomics, food, and environmental.
CESI is often used in the separation of challenging molecules without complicated handling or issues with dead volumes and carryover. The technology offers ultralow-flow separation along with high-performance, high-resolution, accurate mass spectrometry. For these reasons, researchers are exploring the use of CESI–MS analysis to characterize monoclonal antibodies, to quantify highly polar pesticides, to identify post-translational protein modifications, to detect pesticide metabolites, and much more, all of which were explored at the most recent 2018 Global CESI-MS Symposium.

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