PerkinElmer, Inc.

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Special Issues

LCGC Supplements, Special Issues-12-01-2012, Volume 30, Issue 12

PerkinElmer, Inc.

Company Description

PerkinElmer is a global scientific leader providing an extensive range of technology solutions and services to address the most critical issues facing humanity. From critical research and prenatal screening to environmental testing and industrial monitoring, we're actively engaged in improving health and enhancing quality of life all around the world.

Chief Chromatographic Techniques Supported

  • Direct sample analysis

  • Gas chromatography

  • GC mass spectrometry

  • Headspace and thermal desorption sample handling

  • Liquid chromatography — HPLC and UHPLC

  • Time-of-flight mass spectrometry

Markets Served

PerkinElmer is a leading provider of precision instrumentation, reagents and chemistries, software, and services for a wide range of scientific and industrial laboratory applications, including environmental monitoring, food and beverage quality/safety, and chemical analysis, as well as genetic screening, drug discovery, and development.

Major Products/Services

PerkinElmer, Inc. offers a wide breadth of instrumentation and solutions to meet your analytical measurement needs:

  • Atomic spectroscopy: AA, ICP-OES, ICP-MS

  • Chromatography: GC and GC custom solutions, GC–MS, HPLC and UHPLC, LC–MS

  • Hyphenated techniques: HPLC–ICP-MS, GC–ICP-MS, HS-GC, HS-GC–MS, TD-GC, TD-GC–MS, TG-IR, TG-MS, TG-GC–MS

  • Mass spectrometry: ICP-MS, GC–MS, LC–MS

  • Molecular spectroscopy: FT-IR and FT-NIR, UV–vis and UV–vis–NIR, fluorescence spectroscopy

  • Thermal analysis: DSC, TGA, STA, DMA

  • Organic elemental analysis: CHN/O, CHNS/O

  • Consumables: atomic spectroscopy, chromatography, mass spectrometry molecular spectroscopy, thermal analysis, elemental analysis

  • OneSource® Laboratory Services


PerkinElmer, Inc. operates globally in 150 countries.

PerkinElmer, Inc.

940 Winter Street

Waltham, MA 02451


(203) 925-4602


(203) 944-4904




3000 (in the US)

4200 (outside the US)